Andalusian cuisine is fresh, versatile and varied!

Fish and Seafood

Merluza (hake), sardinas (sardines), calamares (squid), pez espada (swordfish), gambas (crabs) and mejillones (mussels) are just some of the local specialties.

Atún (tuna) is especially famous in Barbate and here it is the restaurant El Camperothat specializes in the fish and can be highly recommended.

Or throw on the grill yourself and open a bottle of wine....


Cold and dry

A cold, dry fino or manzanilla sherry from the wineries in Sanlucar tastes better nowhere else than under the Andalusian sun. This is the perfect accompaniment for seafood and tapas.

Sherry is the main economic factor of the region and is produced in the triangle of Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Brandy lovers should also take a sip here.

The wine always remains in the shadow of its relative, the sherry. There are some wines here that are produced locally, like the Antonio Barbadillo white wine, and are of consistent quality. Other regions of wine production lead to Huelva such as the Condado region and in the province of Cadiz, Huerta de Albalá near Arcos de la Frontera.

A very popular drink in this area of southern Spain is the tinto de verano, cold red wine with lemonade and ice. Not as strong as the fino and more refreshing, it is the perfect choice for lunch. Beer goes very well with tapas.

Order a caña, a small glass of beer so cold you can barely touch it. For non-alcoholic drinks, it's hard to beat freshly squeezed orange juice.