Massage exclusively in the villa

Exclusive services - book your personal result, it will be unforgettable.
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Massage offers with Mrs. Andrea Lobb - let Andrea's open and cheerful nature convince you. Mrs. Lobb works sensitively and with a lot of experience. She was born in Cologne in 1959 and discovered the Costa de la Luz for herself in 2000. Since then she lives in the beautiful province of Cádiz.

Her offer includes sports and relaxation massages as well as Shiatsu, Tuina and Kobido.

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of treatment that combines Western knowledge of the human anatomy with the physiological and philosophical principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu uses the same energy points as acupuncture, however, no needles are used for this, but only the pressure of the fingers. Thus, Shiatsu is clearly distinguished from a pure relaxation massage.

Tuina is one of the first manual therapies in the world. It includes treatment for health maintenance, prevention and regulation of the whole body functional system. Tuinareleases energy blockages and harmonizes the Ying and Yang.
Kobido is a traditional millennial facial massage and is used for facial rejuvenation - a natural lifting. With its stroking, tapping and plucking techniques, it differs significantly from other massages. It also includes neck grasping techniques and meridian acupressure on the head and face, as well as East Asian lymphatic drainage. In addition to its effectiveness, Kobido is a very special experience due to its gentle vitality. Only very well tolerated, organic oils are used for this massage.