With more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, the Costa de la Luz lives up to its name!

The weather plays a very important role in every vacation destination and this is especially true for the Atlantic coastline in southern Spain. Here the god of the wind reigns supreme, deciding whether it will be a super active sports day or perhaps a day of lazing around waiting for the right weather conditions. On the Coast of Light, you can expect between eleven and twelve hours of sunshine during the summer months, but even in winter, sun-seekers get their money's worth with up to six hours of sunshine per day. From December to March you have to expect rain, which happens very rarely in the summer months. The east wind Levante and the west wind Poniente are the key to success for kite- and windsurfers at this coastal strip. Numerous Internet sites provide hourly forecasts for wind speed, wind direction, wind gusts, as well as the expected air temperature and air pressure.